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A New Era for Airlines: The Pandemic Recovery

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As the pandemic slowly closes, so does the airline industry’s recovery from its slump. Airlines have expanded their route networks and built schedules in the past few months. This is great news for travelers looking to explore new destinations and airline staff looking for job opportunities.



Let’s look at some of the biggest movers and shakers in this new era for airlines.

plane - united airlines

United Airlines and Air Canada are two of the largest commercial airlines in North America. Recently, they have announced an expansion of routes between their home countries. Together they will launch new direct flights to Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver from various U.S. cities, including Newark, Chicago, Washington D.C., Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.


These new routes will bring more convenience to travelers wishing to visit either country and create more job opportunities for flight attendants and other airline personnel on both sides of the border!

frontier airlines taking off

Frontier Airlines is also joining in on the fun with its service launch from Miami to various Caribbean destinations, such as Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and Montego Bay in Jamaica!


This summer vacation route should make it easier than ever for people looking to escape winter weather or enjoy a beach getaway without worrying about long layovers or connections.

avelo airlines airplane

Finally, Avelo Airlines has just made its inaugural operations in Texas with flights from Burbank Bob Hope Airport to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport! This new budget carrier has been making waves with its low-cost tickets that provide customers with flexibility and convenience when planning trips around the country.


Avelo also plans on launching services between California and Aspen/Pitkin County Airport later this year!


All these developments point towards a brighter future for airlines post-pandemic—one where travelers can enjoy more choices when booking flights and staff can benefit from new job opportunities!


With rapid expansion already underway by major carriers like United Airlines and Air Canada alongside smaller budget carriers like Frontier Airlines and Avelo Airlines, there’s no limit to what we can expect next in this new era of air travel!  We can’t wait to see what else is in store!

What's in store for aspiring flight attendants?

With an unprecedented number of layoffs in the aviation industry due to the pandemic, aspiring flight attendants may have been worried that their dreams are out of reach. However, there is good news on the horizon as Frontier and Avelo have recently added several cities to their route network, while United and Air Canada are expanding their schedules.


This means more job opportunities are opening for those seeking to work in the airline industry. Aspiring flight attendants should therefore watch for any hiring events that airlines may be holding to take advantage of these additional job openings. With hard work and dedication, these aspirants could soon find themselves working towards their dream flight attendant career goals.

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