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7 Facts About Flight Attendant Interview

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The flight attendant job is one of the most sought-after jobs globally because of the fantastic travel benefits you and your loved ones can get but let me break that to you. Being a flight attendant is not as easy as 1-2-3 or simple as A-B-C!


There are a couple of things you may want to know before submitting that resume and attending your interview.


Here are seven hard truths you must know before you apply as a flight attendant:

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"Rejection is part of the process."

I had a lot of rejection in the past before I got my very first wings. Believe it or not, even after I already had an experience, not all airlines I applied to called me for an interview.


When I first came to America, I submitted a resume with an image or a photo of myself because that’s how I was taught in school. I didn’t know at that time that attaching pictures would make my resume “Not-ATS friendly”! Therefore, I didn’t get a call from the employers I applied to at that time.


But even though I got rejected at that stage of the process, that experience taught me how to tweak and tailor my resume to make it ATS-friendly and pass that application stage.


Furthermore, some of my flight attendant friends tried many times before getting their job offers. But no matter how long or short your journey is, you have to be strong to earn your wings!

Having a solid mindset can help you overcome rejections. Remember that rejections direct you to where you are supposed to be.

"The flight attendant job is not glamorous at all."

I’ve heard many people talking about how glamorous this job is because we get to travel the world and see places. Though a quarter of it was true, the other three quarters are hard work, serving customers, and sleepless days & nights!


Whenever I get a flight home to Manila, I see how my family feels so proud of me because I, together with the crew, look so polished every time we arrive at the hotel lobby. They never knew that I cleaned toilets and didn’t sit down the entire flight to make our passengers happy.


In addition, due to the ever-changing flight schedule, flight attendants never get enough sleep, making us prone to cancer, depression, and anxiety.


So in your interview, instead of saying “I want to travel the world”, you may want to say “I am looking forward to serving our customers with a smile while learning their culture at the same time”. That will give the recruiter an idea that you deeply understood the job description and you are not there only for the travel benefits.

"Memorizing answers to questions will only hurt your interview."

I never memorized answers to any airline interviews, BUT I always came in prepared!


There’s one method that I strictly followed, and I find that effective even until now.


It is the SARB (or STAR) format!


English is not my native language, and as you all know, most airlines that fly internationally require their crew to speak and understand English. I use that method so I can provide a smooth-flowing answer in that language.


The SARB method will help you nail every question thrown at you. All you have to do is master it by heart and recall scenarios you would like to share in your interview that you think will help you sell yourself to the recruiters. Also, recruiters want to hear from your responses that you are highly qualified for the job.

"Being yourself is not enough during an interview."

I’ve been hearing current flight attendants giving tips to aspirants saying, “just be yourself, and you will pass your interview.” Again, being yourself is not 100% enough to secure a job offer. It would be best to balance being yourself and being the person the recruiters are looking for.


I am a self-confessed introvert. Speaking to a large audience made me extremely nervous when I was younger. However, because I wanted to become a flight attendant, I knew I needed to step up my game by toning down the timid side of me to be that confident flight attendant that the airline recruiters are looking for.

"FALSE - Luck is all you need to become a flight attendant."

If you think that the flight attendant job is only for lucky people, then I must be the luckiest person in the world because I’ve been employed by four major airlines in the world up to date!


That wasn’t because of luck! That was hard work and solid determination! I believe I got to where I am today because I focused on every stage of the airline’s interview process.


Trust me, you can learn everything, and that’s why I am here!

"Not everyone can be a flight attendant."

Sad to say, the flight attendant job is not for everyone. Airlines have their own flight attendant requirements. That may be a height requirement, visa, citizenship, or even tattoos! But don’t lose hope; airlines are moving towards diversity and inclusion. UNITED Airlines has already adopted that change! They are now hiring people with visible tattoos as long as it is not on the neck, face, or hands.

Certain airlines require applicants to perform a reach test for height verification. Height requirement is not for aesthetic appearance; it is for safety. Wide-bodied aircraft have high overhead bins that store emergency equipment. Emergency equipments should be taken out of the aircraft as swiftly and quickly as possible when necessary. Other than that, some aircraft doors are opened and closed from the ceiling. That movement requires a long arm reach.

If you think you are not tall enough, check the airline’s requirements/qualifications on their careers page.

"FALSE - You need to be physically perfect to become a flight attendant."

Most airlines require their flight attendants to look pleasant and approachable all the time, whether you are in the airport or on the flight. But that doesn’t mean you have to be perfect.

I have a lot of imperfections, especially my skin. However, I learned how to cover them with make-up. Watching make-up tutorials on Youtube helped me hone my skills.

Flight Attendants are the FACE OF THE AIRLINE; that’s why you need to be pleasant and neatly presentable at all times in your interview.

Airlines have their own grooming requirements and researching about that before showing up for the interview is a good idea.

In a Nutshell

I listed down these hard truths not to dishearten you but to equip you with knowledge about the job. If you genuinely know the ups and downs when you come to an interview, you can simply relate your own experience and be that perfect fit to become a flight attendant.

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