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10 Action Steps To Become a Cabin Crew

A goal without a plan is just a dream. Therefore, you need to take action to achieve your goal of becoming a flight attendant.

Here are ten action steps that you can do to help you achieve your dream of becoming a flight attendant.

Action steps specific actions that can help you achieve goals.

Let’s jump right in!

action steps to become a flight attendant

1. Make a Vision Board To Become a Flight Attendant

Vision boards are pictures placed together in a frame or a corkboard. These are used to show what you want in life or soon clearly.

I made one before I applied for my first airline back in 2009. Since I didn’t have the resources and materials back then, I collaged with a flight attendant wearing my dream airline’s uniform with my dream travel destinations on Microsoft Paint. I printed it out as a picture, then framed it and hung it on my wall.

Call it old school, but this is legit!

I know flight attendants who did the same when they were still aspirants!

I looked at it regularly every morning (and evening) to remind me of my goals.

A few months after I made my vision board, guess what?!

Cebu Pacific Air hired me, and I became a flight attendant. A year later, Qatar Airways took me, and I was able to travel to the dream destinations I posted on my vision board, like Paris, Bali, Great Wall, and much more!


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How to Create a Vision Board To Become a Flight Attendant

You may read How to Make a Vision Board That Works for more about Vision Board.

2. Read Motivational Books

One of my favorite books, which helped me land a flight attendant job, is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I even watched the movie version of it a couple of times!

Though there are some controversies about this book, I still found it helpful while preparing for flight attendant interviews. This book taught me how to maintain a positive outlook and gave me a better picture of what I want to be in the future – to become an international flight attendant.

Reading a book is not your thing; read at least one motivational quote daily.

3. Watch & Read Flight Attendant Movies/Books

Watch VIEW FROM THE TOP by Gwyneth Paltrow

If you dream of flying and working “PARIS, FIRST CLASS, INTERNATIONAL” someday, then you should watch Gwyneth Paltrow’s Flight Attendants movie.

Watch it now, and thank me later!

4. Do an Airline Research

Each airline is different. They have their company values, mission & vision, clientele profile, culture, and more! Learning those before submitting your application is important because you need to get ahead of the ball game!

You are not the only one who wants to become a flight attendant. Thousands of aspirants want to get the job too. To get noticed by the recruiter, you need to tailor-fit your resume (even yourself) to how they want their flight attendants to be or even physically look.

Learn how I wrote a successful resume that gets me to the next level of the airline hiring process here.

5. Practice Applying Make-up

If applying make-up is not your thing, then I advise you to practice as early as now. Applying makeup is a skill that needs some time to master! You do not want to use your make-up without practice on your “big day” and miss a shot of a lifetime.

There are a lot of flight attendant bloggers out there who share how they apply their makeup. You can search for them on YouTube, especially those currently working at your dream airline. Note their lipstick color and the eyeshadow shade too!

We know emirates for its iconic red lipstick, and Qatar Airways has particular colors too! It will be a plus if you show up giving attention to the airline’s flight attendant grooming standard.

The recruiter will notice that you did your assignments and most probably will give you a spot for the next round of interviews.

6. Invest In Personality Development Classes

When I was young, I was shy and reserved. Public speaking was not my favorite! It made me nervous all the time. However, knowing that international airlines like Qatar Airways and Emirates have group activities in their hiring process, I joined classes that would help me improve my weaknesses.

I joined workshops like Hosting and Emceeing at the Center for Pop Music–Philippines. I also volunteered to be a teacher at church to get rid of my stage fright! Exposing myself to public speaking gave me the confidence I needed during my flight attendant interviews.

Investing in myself was worth it and helped me land my dream job!

7. Read Blogs That Help Land a Flight Attendant Job

There are three reasons I would like you to read flight attendant blogs. First, they are based on real-life stories. Second, they are easily accessible, and last, they are FREE!

When I was still starting my flight attendant application journey, I consistently read blogs from aspiring and current flight attendants. One of my favorites was FA Wannabe when her blog was still active. I took notes from her experiences because she could get 2 job offers from Qatar Airways and Emirates simultaneously. It only means she was doing something good because she could get both offers from two “BIG” airlines in the Middle East!

I honestly owe half my flight attendant journey to her because I consistently read her blog and learned from it. I also aced my flight attendant interviews from my previous airlines before because I always came in prepared, and I knew what to expect because I read other people’s experiences!

8. Build Your Resume

Having a customer service experience is not a must but can give you an enormous advantage over other applicants who don’t have one (remember, thousands of you want that spot!).

I know a flight attendant who worked at Starbucks because his goal in the future was to become a flight attendant. Good thing that his sacrifices were worth it, and he eventually became one!

Not only that, your customer service skills and communication skills will be honed. Those skills will undoubtedly help you when you start working as a flight attendant at your dream airline.

Get a part-time hospitality or customer service job so you can add that to your resume next year! That experience will also help you when you are already flying because you will be providing your passengers with the best service in the sky!

9. Practice Answering Interview Questions

A job interview can be nerve-wracking, especially for your dream job. So better yet, familiarize yourself with common flight attendant interview questions.

Although I don’t believe memorizing answers can secure you a job, preparing for the interview can give you a higher chance of getting a job offer.

10. Exercise

Start working out! Because you need a significant amount of energy on your interview day. The Flight Attendant hiring process usually lasts a whole day.

Your mind and body can quickly think of reasonable answers to interview questions when you are physically and mentally fit. If you feel sluggish in the middle of an interview, the recruiter will notice that and will not take you to the next interview step.

Being a flight attendant is difficult. The free travel you see on social media is just a perk. You will work on your feet most of the time. Therefore, airlines will hire someone “FIT” to do the job with a smile that never gets tired!

Recap: 10 Actions That Can Help You Land a Flight Attendant Job

Although international airlines are not hiring right now, it is always a good idea to do something for your dreams. Start doing these in 2023, and thank me next year! Good luck on your journey, and hope you subscribe to my newsletter!

And remember, there is always a way up in the aviation industry! Get ready now and fly later!

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