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Best Flight Attendant Interview Outfit Guide For 2024

basic flight attendant interview outfit
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The choice of your outfit for a flight attendant job interview is crucial and can greatly impact your chances of success. Presentation holds immense importance in these interviews, so it is vital to approach it with utmost seriousness and dedication if you truly desire to succeed.


Wearing the right attire, along with a suitable hairstyle and appropriate make-up, not only demonstrates your seriousness towards the job but also conveys your respect for the airline recruiter’s time and your genuine interest in becoming a flight attendant specifically for that airline.


To showcase your understanding of the airline’s values and your readiness to embrace the role of a flight attendant, it is imperative to dress appropriately. This lecture is divided into three sections, focusing on the basic interview attire, hairstyle, and make-up. These three components collectively form the grooming and uniform standards upheld by every airline.


It is crucial to remember that each airline has its own unique set of standards. Once you receive an invitation for an airline interview, it is vital to thoroughly research the potential employer and familiarize yourself with how their flight attendants typically present themselves, including their preferred hairstyles and make-up choices. Showing up prepared and nicely dressed up gives you lasting good first impressions too!

Table of Contents

Basic Flight Attendant Interview Outfit Pieces For Women

These essential pieces are what most successful flight attendant applicants including me wore in our past interviews. It is better to follow what already works than to experiment and deviate from the norm. 


Remember that a professional demeanor is important to all airlines worldwide. They would appreciate it if you showed up with a professional clean image, keeping the airline’s image in mind. Good luck!

1. Suit or Dress with a Blazer

For a cabin crew interview, it is advisable for women to wear the “traditional attire” or a suit. This classic professional outfit exudes confidence and elegance. A well-fitted suit will undeniably make you look impeccable.


Choosing a suit is the best option to make a great impression on the recruiter. Alternatively, you can opt for a blazer paired with either a skirt or pants. For a more professional and conservative style, pair a sleeveless inner shirt or dress shirt with a blazer or jacket. If you feel warm, it is acceptable to remove the blazer inside the interview room. Remember to be yourself and not be overly concerned about your appearance. Wearing a blazer on top of a simple dress with solid colors is also acceptable.


Below are some examples of good interview suits:

flight attendant interview outfit pants suit
flight attendant interview outfit dress suit


  • Make sure your suit is a good fit for you. Not too tight and not too loose.

  • Get a style that will make you feel comfortable. Wearing an outfit, you’re comfortable with can boost your confidence too! 

  • If you wear a skirt or a dress on top of a blazer, make sure it looks decent. Two inches above or below the knee is a decent length. 

  • Trousers or pantsuits are uniform options for airlines. Do research on the airline’s dress code you are applying for before purchasing your interview attire. If they have a pants/trousers option, you can wear it during your interview unless specified in the job advert to wear a skirt.

  • Note: Don’t forget to wear a belt if there is a loophole on the pants and skirt.



Go for the traditional with neutral color of blazers – black, navy blue, dark blue, gray, or dark gray.


Most airlines (not all) prefer a dark-colored suit.


Major airlines like Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Etihad prefer applicants to wear black suits on their Open Day.


If the airline you are applying for doesn’t have any dress code, you can wear something that resembles the color of their uniform styles unless specified on their invitation.



2. Blouse Or Button Down Styles

To complete your skirt or pantsuit ensemble, it’s important to select an inner blouse that enhances the overall aesthetic. Opt for a blouse with a modest neckline and a pop of color that harmonizes with the rest of your outfit. This thoughtful choice will elevate your style and create a cohesive and polished look.

flight attendant interview outfit inner blouse

3. Comfortable Shoes

flight attendant interview outfit shoes

For your flight attendant interview, it’s crucial to wear comfortable flight attendant shoes as you’ll be on your feet all day. Opt for closed black leather shoes like pumps or Mary Jane styles, ensuring they match your outfit. 


Aim for heels ranging from 1-3 inches, avoiding ballet flats, sandals, open-toed shoes, and white footwear (unless they complement your overall look).


Don’t forget to polish your shoes before the interview.


Here are some recommended shoe styles for your flight attendant interview:



4. Tights Or Hosiery

flight attendant interview outfit tights

Hosiery or tights are part of the airline’s grooming expectations. Therefore, wear tights in your flight attendant interview.


A black, skin tone, or nude color scheme that matches your natural tones is a safe choice. If you’re applying for a Middle Eastern airline, wear a skintone-colored hosiery.


PRO Tip: Bring more than an extra pair of tights just in case something unexpected happens along the way to your interview. Don’t show up with torn tights.

5. Watch

A watch is one of the required pieces for flight attendants. Wear a professional-looking watch (with an hour, minute, and second hands, if possible) during your interview, and avoid distracting colors like neon or bright colors.


A smartwatch is acceptable during the interview, but ensure you turn off any notification or alert tones to avoid distraction.


You can also change your smartwatch’s strap for a more professional look.

Here is an example:



6. Accessories & Jewelry

While not mandatory, I personally enjoy wearing accessories and jewelry as they allow me to express my unique personality. They add a touch of elegance to even the simplest outfit.


If you feel inclined, you can also consider adding these extra pieces to your ensemble.


However, please remember to keep it minimal and avoid much jewelry when attending an in-person interview.


For a sophisticated and good first impression, opt for a pair of earrings, preferably pearl or gold rounds. Avoid oversized loop earrings or long dangling earrings whenever possible.


If you choose to wear a necklace, a simple chain with a modest pendant is a good idea. Avoid large pendants to ensure the flight attendant interviewer can focus on your face and smile. 


If wearing a scarf, choose an elegant design or pattern. Avoid wearing scarves with oversized brand logos.


Wear something similar to the airline’s scarf or color scheme to show some attention to detail.



Hairstyle For Women

Short Hair

For those with short hair, maintaining a neat and clean style is key. To keep hair away from your face, consider using hairspray, gels, or wax. When using bobby pins or clips, opt for ones that match the color of your hair. Now, let’s explore some suitable hairstyles for short hair.

short hairtyle

Medium Length Hair

Flight attendant applicants with medium-length hair have the option of styling their hair in a ponytail or a French twist. 

Here’s a video on how to do a French twist.

Long Hair

Applicants with long hair are required to tie their hair in a bun. 


Here’s a video on how to do a bun.

General Tips for Hair Styling

  • Keep your hair neat at all times.

  • Use hair gel, wax, or hairspray to keep baby hairs in place.

  • Hair color must be one to two shades lighter or darker than your natural color.

  • Clips, bobby pins, u-pins, & hair donuts must be the same color as your hair.

flight attendant hairstyles - featured photoLooking for the Best Flight Attendant Hairstyle for your interview? Check out this blog post for more Flight Attendant Hairstyles.

Hair Tools Used By Flight Attendants

Here are some tools that flight attendants use to style their hair at work.



Minimum Makeup Requirements For Female Flight Attendants

Airlines often seek flight attendants who present a professional image. Utilizing minimal makeup can contribute to achieving a polished appearance. In fact, certain airlines may even mandate the use of makeup for applicants. Below is a list of recommended makeup essentials that you can consider for your interview. The mentioned products are listed at the end of this section.


The interview process could last a whole day, so applying a primer is clever to ensure your cosmetic products stay long and in place.


I personally use Urban Decay All Day Primer for flights. It is a gel-based primer that is light on the face. It is hydrating and keeps my makeup in place.

Foundation & Concealer

Start your makeup with a foundation and concealer that matches your skin to improve skin tone and texture.


I love Makeup Forever’s Matte Finish and Concealer because it doesn’t get oily on my skin after a long flight.


We don’t want an oily face, especially on your airline assessment day, where you have to face the recruiters and other applicants.


Add your favorite blush on the apples of your cheeks for a fresh appearance.


Choose a lipstick color that you like to wear. Don’t apply a color that you’re not comfortable wearing.

Red or pink lips are good for the interview.


I would also suggest sporting something that matches the airline attendant trends. For example, Emirates cabin crew is known for their red lipstick. In this case, you can wear a shade of red that suits you for your flight attendant interview.


Mascara brightens up the look.


I use Maybelline’s Sky High Lashes because it gives my eyelashes length and volume. It also has a natural finish because it doesn’t form clumps.


Wear waterproof, so it doesn’t smudge when the weather is hot.


Although optional, you can still wear a natural color eyeshadow.


Avoid dark colors, and smoky eyes because they will make you look intimidating.

Setting Spray

After you apply your makeup, don’t forget to set it with a setting spray.


I use Urban Decay’s All-Nighter because it makes my makeup look more natural and even, and stays longer.


I don’t need to reapply in between flights.

Nail Polish

You can come in with painted nails. Choose a color that is allowed by the airline to wear.


A French manicure is the safest style you can wear.


Red, light pink, nude, and colorless nails make a good impression too.



Flight Attendant Interview Outfit for Men

Just like women, men have grooming standard too.


Here are the basic outfit men must wear during flight attendant interview.

Formal Business Suit

A suit is a classic choice for men’s attire. Opt for a dark-colored ensemble, preferably in solid and neutral shades. Men can also consider adding a touch of sophistication with dark brown. Remember, a well-fitted outfit can greatly enhance your professional image.


Take inspiration from the suave style of James Bond and have your suit tailored to perfection.



Button Down Shirt With Collar

The button-down style is a garment with a collar and a full-length opening at the front. Pick a color that compliments your suit.


Shirts must be tucked at all times.


Ties are required flight attendant uniform pieces for men.


Pick a color that is similar to the airline’s expectations or color.


Your tie should complement the other color of your outfit. Traditional or synthetic silk is a good choice to enhance your whole professional appearance.

Shoes & Socks for Men

Wear an Oxford style or leather loafers preferably black or brown.


Male flight attendants are required to wear black socks for men at all times.


Wear socks long enough to cover your ankles.


It must be free of tears, rips, holes, and odor.




Wear a watch that has a professional appearance. Avoid striking colors.


A black, gray, and dark brown watch complements airline attendant trends right now.

Hairstyle For Men

Keep your style short and clean. In some airlines, they allow men to have long hair but you must tie it at the back.


However, I suggest to cut it short because it looks clean and professional.


Here are some good examples of men’s haircuts:

short hairstyles for men - crew cut
short hairstyles for men - crew cut
short hairstyles for men - crew cut
short hairstyles for men - crew cut

Grooming Tips for Men

  • Trim or remove facial hair before your flight attendant interview. This can help recruiters notice how you meet the airline’s standards.

  • Short nails are preferred for men. If you have long nails, you have to trim it short and make sure it’s clean.

  • Remove all non-traditional rings like nose rings and eyebrow rings.

  • Any visible tattoo must be covered with clothing.

General Presentation Tips For Men & Women

  • Dress appropriately.

  • Keep a professional and friendly demeanor. Be polite to the recruiters and fellow candidates.

  • Dress conservatively. Avoid plunging neckline blouses and miniskirts.

  • Keep your attire wrinkle-free at all times. Have it ironed before going to your interview.

  • Choose simple items yet classy. Avoid big brand logos showing off your outfit.

  • Smile a lot. There’s nothing better to wear than a warm smile.

  • Check for flight attendant photos for inspiration. Research how cabin crew wear their hair and makeup and spend time practicing how they do it.

  • Wear heels preferably 1-3 inches for women and 1 inch for men.

  • Use a perfume that is not too strong. Ask friends and family for feedback on your choice of perfume.

  • Ensure to apply deodorant as it is going to be a long and exhausting day. You wouldn’t want your body to emit any unpleasant odors.

  • Brush your teeth. Keep a small breath spray in your pocket.


What should you not wear to a flight attendant interview?

  • Avoid bare feet, extremely high heels, stilettos, and white footwear. You want them polished and trimmed; it will give your feet an excellent shine. Wear leather shoes – do not wear suede or lighter fabrics.

  • Do not wear any see-through style clothing.

  • Airlines are conservative. Do not wear something daring and revealing. Stick to conservative-style pieces.

  • Do not wear a t-shirt.

Can I wear flats to a flight attendant interview?

Avoid sandals, sneakers, and open-toe shoes. Black shoes can be found in almost all airlines, with heels between 1 and 3 inches for women.

Are tattoos allowed?

Covering visible tattoos is a must. You can cover it with tattoo concealer.


If you have any visible tattoos, check the requirements. Follow their rules as this show that you are compliant with their standard.

Are nontraditional jewelry, nose rings, facial or nose piercings allowed?

Covering visible tattoos is a must. You can cover it with tattoo concealer.


If you have any visible tattoos, check the requirements. Follow their rules as this show that you are compliant with their standard.

Can I bring a tote or a handbag to my interview?

You will bring some important items or requirements with you therefore, you can bring a nice professional-looking bag or tote. Some airlines provide a space or a room where you will leave your bags during the entire interview process.

Do I have to wear stockings during the interview?

While it remains a personal choice, it is expected that every female flight attendant should wear stockings or hosiery as part of their uniform. This requirement is not solely for aesthetic reasons but also for the sake of their health, particularly due to the pressurized cabin environment they work in.

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