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Flight Attendant Video Interview – Complete Guide

A flight Attendant video interview is one of the first steps in your application process; therefore, let me share some flight attendant video interview tips for success!


A few years ago, virtual interviews were not ideal. However, because of the global pandemic, most airlines are now using it for two reasons. First, it is the safest, non-contact way to get to know the applicant’s personality. Second, it is the quickest way for the recruiter to choose who will go to the next round of interviews. 

How are Flight Attendant Video Interviews conducted?

The airline recruitment team typically conducts virtual interviews after submitting your resume to the airline’s career page. There are two types of video interviews that you may encounter- video recording and one on one. 


There are two parts to a successful video interview:

  1. Technical 
  2. Non-technical

Video Recording is when the recruitment team sends you a link that directs you to a website to record a video. This step doesn’t require being a tech expert because you will only click a link and follow through with the instructions. 

On the other hand, the one-on-one video interview is more similar to a real face-to-face interview because you talk to an actual person over Zoom, Skype, MS Teams, etc.

Technical Part Of Flight Attendant Video Interview

The technical part is equally important as providing exceptional answers to a question. It includes an internet connection, gadgets you will use, how you look in the video, and your surroundings.

Have A Good Internet Connection During Your Flight Attendant Video Interview

As you already know by now, a virtual interview is a critical step that you need to pass to get to the next round of interviews. Therefore, having a good internet connection is important. 


A slow internet connection may lead to disconnection. We want the recruiters to see your smile and get to know you better by providing explicit videos with thoughtful answers.



Ways to Speedup Your Internet Connection:


  1. Make sure nobody is using the internet at home aside from you. If you live with family members or friends, let them know in advance that you have a virtual interview coming up, and ask them to disconnect from your home’s shared wi-fi. 
  2. Check your internet speed connection by clicking this link. The greater the Mbps is, the better the internet connection you have.
  3. Reposition Your Router. Ensure your router is near you and not in a remote place in your house. 
  4. Restart your router. It gives your router a break and increases its speed.
  5. Get wi-fi extenders if you can’t move your router near you. Wi-fi extenders are devices you plug into a wall socket. It boosts internet speed by connecting it to the router and extending it further to your area.

Decide What Device Will You Use For Your Flight Attendant Video Interview

I highly recommend using a laptop or a computer for your flight attendant video interview because the landscape orientation looks more professional, especially when recording a video.  


However, there are some successful applicants who used their phones too. So, I would leave this option for you to decide. Just make sure you are comfortable with it, and it won’t affect how you give your answers to the interview questions.


Tips When Using Your Phone for flight attendant VIDEO Interview


  1. Make sure the internet connection is good. 
  2. Go to a quiet place to record.
  3. Use a tripod, or ensure you put your phone on a stable surface to avoid shaking.

Clean Your Surroundings

A clean background for the video interview is a must because it also shows who you are. 


The recruiter will judge you based on how you presented yourself in the video, and your background is a part of your presentation. 


As a flight attendant, it is vital to keep the aircraft and galley clean so show them you can do that by ensuring your background is clear of any mess or dirt.



  1. Sit next to a blank wall. If posters are on the wall, ensure they are not offensive to the viewers/recruiters. Picture frames are acceptable as long as they are wholesome.
  2. Remove distractions from your background, such as toys, trash cans, laundry baskets, and clothes.
  3. If you think you can not move your stuff around, use a single-colored blanket as a backdrop. Pin it behind you, then do a dry run. Make sure it covers the entire background in the video.
  4. Have a dry run by opening a video application from your computers, such as Skype or Zoom. You can also record yourself and check what you need to remove or place in the background to look more professional.

Lighting & Camera Angles

Lighting and camera angles are your best friends! You can play them around to make you look more presentable or, should I say, more beautiful in the video. However, it may also ruin your video by improper placement. So, again, have a dry run before your interview.



How to Use Lights & Camera Angles in Your Favor


  1. Record in front of a vast window for a more natural look. 
  2. Do not record against the light. It will only make the video dark, and the recruiter won’t see your beautiful smile and face.
  3. Use a ring light if a window is not available. Use the same concept above and put it in front of you.

Dress The Part

The recruiter doesn’t see you personally. So, they will only judge your overall appearance from your submitted videos. Always go for the classic flight attendant look, like a dress shirt with a black blazer. After all, that’s what trainees wear too! I stick to the basics because I want the recruiter to know (and feel) that I prepared for that interview and that I am ready for Initial Training.  


So if you spend on attire for the interview, buy something you could also wear for your Initial New Hire Training.

Read related topics and download free resources on flight attendant interview outfit here:

Hair & Make-Up

I there’s one thing I know I’m good at is presentation! I love dressing up and putting on make-up!

Having the right hair and make-up for a virtual interview boosts your confidence!

There is hair and make-up that don’t look good in videos. So try to record yourself first before you click that record button on your computer or phone

For example, I know I look good with my hair brushed up and tied in a high bun in person, but unfortunately, it doesn’t look good in videos! So I have a specific hairstyle (low chignon) every time I submit a Video Interview.

Airlines prefer the natural make-up look, so I always go for the brown shades of eyeshadows. I use a dark shade for the lipstick because it looks good in videos. 


Again, what looks good on me may not be good on you, so it is better to practice first and check it out yourself.

Look At The Camera

Your device’s camera is the recruiter’s eyes, and you want to look at the recruiter’s eyes, especially when you say something you want them to hear or emphasize!


When you are saying something that you think you are good at, look at the camera to make them feel how sincere you are for the job.


You can put a sticky note next to the camera that says “LOOK HERE” as a reminder. Many successful applicants did this strategy, too, so be creative and do what works for you.

Non-Technical Aspect Of Flight Attendant Video Interview

The non-technical aspect includes soft skills and how to deliver a brilliant answer to interview questions.


There is no right or wrong way of answering flight attendant interview questions however, it is always best to provide a brilliant answer to any question that an interviewer will ask you. 


If you can carry out and provide an excellent answer to the question and sound confident in your own answer, the chances of passing your interview are higher than those who can’t.

Provide A Brilliant Answer To Interview Questions

Here are some quick tips on providing a brilliant answer to any questions thrown at you during your flight attendant interview.

Research for common flight attendant interview questions

You can indeed get any questions about anything under the sun.


But, it is also true that airline recruiters worldwide have only a few common questions: knowledge about the job, safety compliance questions, infight scenario questions, ability to travel, teamwork, self-sufficiency, customer service questions, and more.

Prepare Scenarios On Hand

After you’ve done your research and taken notes of the questions you gathered, write down some scenarios you’ve encountered in the past for that specific question.


Here are some frequently asked questions in a flight attendant interview that require scenarios.

  1. Share a scenario at work where you went above and beyond.
  2. What will you do when a customer complains about your service?
  3. Have you ever disagreed with your coworker? How did you manage it?
  4. What will you do when you see your colleague doing something unethical at work?
  5. Have you ever had a time when you thought there was something at work that compromised the safety of your coworkers and customers? What did you do?
  6. Pre-plan Brilliant Answers


I’m not an advocate of memorizing answers, but I pre-plan my answers using a method that works for our previous students and me.


I call it the SARB method, wherein you must state the situation or how you understood the question. Followed by mentioning your actions to solve the situation you provided. Then let the interviewers know the result of your action and its benefit to the people involved in the situation and/or the company if there’s any.

Recap: How To Ace Your Flight Attendant Video Interview

The video interview can be nerve-wracking, but you will do great when you prepare for it and follow these guidelines!  


There are two aspects of video interviews – technical and non-technical part.


The technical aspect includes your internet connection, gadgets you will use, your presentation and style, and your surroundings.


The non-technical aspect includes your soft skills and ability to provide a brilliant answer to the interview questions.


Treat your flight attendant video interview like this is your last chance to get that wings!


Remember, you will not regret a thing if you do your best.


Good luck with your flight attendant video interview, and let me know if this helped you! I would love to hear your feedback.

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