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Height Requirements For Flight Attendants

One hot topic amongst flight attendant requirements is height. So is there a height requirement for flight attendants?

The answer is YES.

Here are a few reasons why height requirement is essential for flight attendants.

Reasons Why Airlines Have Height Requirements for Flight Attendants

Aircraft Types

different aircraft types

There are hundreds of aircraft types in the aviation industry, from small regional jets to the enormous Airbus 380 and Boeing 747.


Each airline has a different fleet.


That’s why some airlines’ height requirement is slightly higher than those that fly regional jets.

Location Of Safety Equipments

flight attendant safety briefings

Safety is the vital role of flight attendants on the plane.


Some emergency equipment is located in the overhead ceiling and compartment.


One duty of a flight attendant is to retrieve that equipment as swiftly and effectively as possible when a situation emerges.


That’s why arm reach is essential to some airlines because their safety equipment location is higher than others.

Overhead Bin Types

flight attendant closing overhead bin

Overhead bins are where passengers put their bags for take-off and landing.


People with shorter arm reach or height will have difficulty closing those bins, which is another role of a flight attendant during boarding.


More extended arm reach or height will serve as leverage to shut those bins quickly in preparation for departure.

Aircraft Door Type

Depending on company policies, flight attendants open and close the door in regular or irregular operations.


Some doors can be opened and closed from the aircraft’s ceiling compartment.


For example, Boeing 767, when opened manually, requires you to push the door all the way up until it locks to the ceiling.


When you close it manually, you need to push it further up to release to pull it down to a fully closed position.


However, most aircraft types open sideways or push forward, which doesn’t require more extended arm reach or height.

FAQs About Height Requirements for Flight Attendants

Can I Still Apply If I'm Below 5'2?

Yes! No one can stop you from achieving your dreams! Some airlines don’t measure your height, only arms reach. So if you think you fall in this category, measure your arm’s reach.


Tight muscles can hinder your ability to reach further, so you must stretch your arms daily!


Put a marking on your wall and tap it daily until you feel comfortable doing that. That activity is a form of stretching too.


Also, regional airlines have a minimum requirement of 5 feet. You can apply to them if you fall into this category.

Can I Still Apply If I'm More Than 6 Feet Tall?

Though not for most regional airlines, your options are airlines with a wide-bodied fleet.

Does Height Matter For Men?

Same as female applicants, there is a height requirement for men.


However, in America, where people have equal rights, men have the exact height requirement as females.


Some airlines in Asia have a higher standard for men’s height requirements, so check the airline’s job posting for their qualifications.

Will Airline Recruiters Measure My Height?

Yes. Airline recruiters are smart to measure your height during the interview process.


If they don’t, they probably already asked you to declare your height at one point in your application.


If this happens, most likely, they will measure your height during the training.


So, please be honest with the recruiters about your height.

Can I Wear High-Heeled Shoes In My Interview To Compensate For My Height?

You can wear high-heeled shoes to boost your confidence in your interview!


But you will be asked to remove your shoes when they measure your height or when you perform the reach test.


What can you suggest if I’m of borderline height?


Stand tall and do some stretching two weeks before your interview.


Show that you are confident and qualified to become a flight attendant.

In a Nutshell

If this is the job you want, but you think you fall a little bit short, look and apply for airlines you believe qualify you.


In my 12 years in the aviation industry in 4 significant airlines globally, I’ve seen flight attendants of different heights.


Please research and read the airline’s job advert for qualifications before applying. Measure your height and arms reach, so you are aware of your own.


Knowing your qualities and capabilities will help you achieve your goals as fast as possible and in the most elegant way.

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