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Best Flight Attendant Hairstyles

As a flight attendant, you know that looking your best is essential to the job. From classic styles to more modern looks, choosing the right hairstyle can make all the difference in creating a professional and polished appearance. That’s why it is a dream job for many!


In this article, we’ll explore some of the best hairstyles for flight attendants and provide tips on achieving them. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each style so that you can find one that works for you! So let’s get started on finding your perfect look!


flight attendant hairstyles - bun

The bun is one of flight attendants’ most iconic and timeless hairstyles for medium and long hair. It has a professional look that conveys authority, confidence, and poise. The bun does not require much maintenance and can be styled to fit any face shape.

Low bun, High bun, & Messy bun

A low bun looks more sophisticated than a high bun, especially in uniform. However, some airlines prefer a high bun hairstyle for a more modern look.

Avoid a messy or knot bun to work as much as possible because it doesn’t look neat and professional, and some airlines only allow a classic low or high bun.

How to create a classic bun?

Creating a classic bun is easy and requires minimal styling. Start by brushing your hair until it is smooth and tangle-free. Then gather all of your hair up at the back of your head. Secure the gathered hair with an elastic band. Next, twist the bun until it is tightly coiled and secure with bobby pins if necessary. Finish off by using hairspray to hold the style in place.


For extra volume, try teasing sections of hair before creating the bun, or use dry shampoo on the roots to create lift. For a more textured look, use a curling iron on random sections of hair before twisting them into the bun.

Hair Tools For Making a Bun

Hair tools can be a great way to save time creating a bun. For flight attendants, rest is very important. That’s why we need hair tools to make our lives easy! So let’s start finding that hair tool that is right for you!

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When using a U-pin, ensure that the parts of your hair that need to stay secure are securely tucked under the prongs. You may also want to use hairspray after putting in the pin to ensure extra hold. Additionally, if you’re going for a sleek look, try using gel or mousse to smooth out flyaways before styling with the pin!

hair accessories - u-pin

Bobby pins

Bobby pins will keep stray hairs in place, keeping your hairstyle neat. I use these pins to keep my bangs and baby hair in place.

bobby pin


A donut is a great way to achieve the perfect bun for flight attendants. It provides an easy and effective way to create a voluminous, long-lasting hairstyle that won’t fall out of place during your shift. Start by choosing a donut that matches your hair color and texture. A good rule of thumb is to go for one size larger than your current ponytail.

Secure the donut at the base of your ponytail with bobby pins or an elastic band. Then, wrap sections of hair around the base until it’s completely covered. Finally, secure with bobby pins or hairspray for extra hold, and you’re all set!

bun hair accessories - donut


A hairnet can be an essential accessory for flight attendants, as it helps to keep their bun in place during long shifts. A hairnet is a thin, stretchy piece of fabric that covers the entire head and is used to secure the bun. It provides an extra layer of protection against loose or flyaway hairs and can be especially useful in windy conditions.


When choosing a hairnet, pick one that matches your hair color to ensure a seamless look. You should also opt for one made from a lightweight material like nylon or spandex so that it doesn’t add too much weight or bulkiness to your hairstyle.


NOTE: Not all airlines require a hairnet over a bun. So check your airline grooming manual if you need to use one.


French Twist

flight attendant hairstyles - french twist

The French twist is a classic, sophisticated hairstyle perfect for flight attendants with medium to long hair. It is a timeless look that never goes out of style and creates an air of sophistication. This hairstyle can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and requires minimal time.


To create the French twist, brush your hair until it is smooth and tangle-free. Gather all your hair up at the back of your head, ensuring equal amounts of hair on each side. Secure the gathered hair with an elastic band keeping it loose.


Begin twisting sections of hair until you reach the ends at the nape of your neck. Then, fold over each section as you go, creating a spiral rollout pattern. Once all areas are folded inwards, secure them with U-pins or a french twist tool.


You can add volume to a French twist by teasing sections of hair before folding them inwards or using dry shampoo on roots to create lift. Or, you can use hairspray after styling for extra hold and shine!

Hair Accessories for a French Twist



Stunning Braid Hairstyles

flight attendant hairstyles - braid

Braiding is a great way to create a stylish look that will last throughout the day. Braids provide added texture and volume, making it a timeless hairstyle for flight attendants. Most braided hairstyles involve using three sections of hair and intertwining them in an intricate pattern.

Other Flight Attendant Hairstyles

Short Bob

flight attendant hairstyles - short bob

The bob is a timeless hairstyle for flight attendants with short hair. This chic, classic look can be easily tailored to fit any face shape, making it great for everyday hairstyles. The key to achieving this look is to ensure you have an even cut with no layers or fringe.


Overall, the short bob offers flight attendants an easy-to-maintain style that looks good!

Pony Tail

flight attendant hairstyles pony tail

The ponytail is another classic hairstyle that is perfect for flight attendants. It is an easy, low-maintenance style requiring minimal effort and time. Depending on the occasion, this look can be dressed up or down, making it a versatile option for any dress code.


To create the perfect ponytail, brush your hair from root to tip. Gather your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head and secure it with an elastic band. Make sure to pull and smooth out any lumps or bumps so it looks neat. You can also use bobby pins on either side of the elastic band for extra hold.


Recommended Hair Products By Flight Attendants



FAQ: Cabin Crew Hairstyles

Are Flight Attendants Allowed to Wear Hair Extensions?

Most airlines don’t usually allow flight attendants to wear hair extensions unless tied in a bun for a neat and professional appearance.

Are Flight Attendants Allowed To Wear Wig?

A Flight attendant is usually not allowed to wear wigs, depending on the airline grooming policy.

Are flight attendants allowed to wear their hair down?

Depending on the airline’s brand, flight attendants may or may not wear their hair down. But most airlines require flight attendants to tie their hair up during meal service.

Are flight attendants allowed to dye their hair?

Yes! For most airline policies, you may only dye your hair 2-3 shades lighter or darker than your original hair color for a more professional look.

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