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18 Travel Outfit Pieces You Must Have In Your Luggage (2024)

Travel outfits can be tricky, but with the right pieces, you can feel good, comfortable, and stylish while on the go.


As a flight attendant, I’ve learned the importance of packing essential travel outfit pieces while staying chic but comfy. After years of trial and error, I have finally perfected my go-to items that make it easy to look stylish no matter where my travel or work life takes me.


From versatile jumpsuits to accessories, these 18 must-have travel outfit pieces will help you create an effortless wardrobe wherever your journey takes you!


Note: You may or may not bring all of them on your next trip, but these travel outfit pieces can help you get ready anytime for travel.

Table of Contents

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Dressing for Comfort and Style While Traveling: What You Need to Know

cute travel outfits

When dressing up for travel, remember a few things to ensure you look and feel your best.

Comfort is key.

Opt for breathable fabrics and items with plenty of stretches, like jersey-knit tops or jeggings. Pick something supportive and comfortable footwear that will last your trip – lightweight sneakers or sandals are great options.

Consider packing pieces that can be layered and styled in multiple ways.

A versatile dress or jumpsuit is of course a great choice as it can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Add accessories like scarves and hats to complete the look and add another layer of style without taking up too much space in your suitcase.

Remember that color palettes matter!

To create a cohesive travel wardrobe, stick to classic colors such as white, black, gray, navy blue, and khaki. These go-to tones pair well with each other and will make packing easier when coordinating outfits on the go.


Adding pops of color occasionally with statement pieces is also encouraged — it’s all about finding a balance between classic hues and personal style!


Don’t forget to accessorize!

Accessories can instantly elevate any outfit while adding an extra layer of expression – think jewelry pieces, sunglasses, bags, and watches. With these must-have items, you can swap out existing looks or give them an extra touch of pizzazz with minimal effort!


No matter how long or short your journey lasts this year — get ready for stylish travel with these 18 must-have travel outfit pieces!


At the end of this blog, I will also give tips and inspiration on mixing and matching these basic travel outfit pieces and where I personally prefer to get mine!

1. The Basic Tee

plain shirt for plane ride 1

A plain white shirt (or any color you like) is an essential item to have in your suitcase for travel fashion. Not only is it a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down, but its classic look is timeless and will never go out of style.


It’s also incredibly easy to mix and match with any other pieces you might have while traveling. Plus, with the right fit, a plain white shirt can create a more polished and put-together look that will turn heads wherever you go.


As much as possible, choose a fabric that is wrinkle resistant!



2. Sleeveless Shirt

cute travel outfit - sleeveless

A sleeveless shirt is essential for any traveler’s wardrobe, no matter the destination or time of year, especially in summer. This piece will help keep you cool and comfortable in hot climates by providing ventilation and allowing air to circulate.


A lightweight and wrinkle resistant sleeveless shirt is best during long days in the sun. During cooler weather, layering a sleeveless top with a cardigan or blazer can create a stylish look that will keep you warm.


Sleeveless shirts are also incredibly practical since they don’t take up much room in your luggage and can easily be mixed and matched with other items in your closet to create multiple outfits.



3. Lightweight Button-down Shirt/Shirtdress

cute travel outfits - button-up shirt

A lightweight button-down shirt or shirtdress is the perfect travel companion for any fashionista. It is comfortable and breathable, and can also be used as a cover-up at a beach destination, a layering piece, or a stand-alone piece.


For hot climates, having a lightweight button-down shirt/shirtdress that can provide coverage without feeling too heavy or bulky is key.


For cooler weather, these pieces become even more versatile. Layer it over a dress or a sleeveless shirt for an extra layer of warmth, or wear it with trousers to create a timeless look that will never go out of style.


Additionally, the longer length of many of these pieces makes them ideal for those who want to remain more covered up while traveling.


Whether on a beach vacation or exploring city streets, you’ll always stay warm, modestly dressed and feel confident in your outfit choices all day.



4. A Fashionable Piece - Jumpsuit or Romper

cute travel outfits jumpsuit romper

A jumpsuit or romper is a must-have piece for any traveler looking to feel confident and stylish on their adventures. Not only are they comfortable and easy to wear, but a fashionable piece like this can easily transition from day tours to an elegant dinner with your loved one.


Jumpsuits and rompers come in various styles, designs, and fabrics, so you can find the perfect piece that fits your needs.


Whether you’re looking for something more casual for daytime activities or something dressier for a night out, there’s sure to be something that catches your eye.


Another great thing about jumpsuits/rompers is that they’re incredibly versatile when layering items like blazers or cardigans. This makes them the perfect choice for travelers who want to ensure they have enough coverage in varying climates.



5. Maxi or Midi Dress

cute travel outfits best dress

A statement maxi or midi dress is essential for any traveler’s wardrobe due to its versatility and comfort. It can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, making it perfect for various activities and climates.


Its long length provides coverage from head to toe while still looking stylish.


A maxi/midi dress can easily be layered with jackets, sweaters, scarves, and even pants so you can look together no matter the temperature.


In addition to being fashionable and comfortable, maxi/midi dresses are an incredibly practical choice for travelers wanting to pack light.


One dress can be worn multiple times with different accessories and layers, allowing you to create various looks without having to lug extra items around in your suitcase.



6. Denim Jeans

travel outfit - jeans

With just one pair of comfortable and stylish jeans, you can create multiple looks with different tops and accessories – allowing you to pack light while still having a variety of outfits.


And since they’re made from durable fabric, your denim jeans won’t get ruined in changing climates or wear and tear from long days out exploring.

7. Denim Jacket

travel outfit - jacket

Denim is a heavyweight fabric that provides warmth and coverage from wind and rain, making it perfect for cold climates or unpredictable weather conditions.


A denim jacket can be paired with dresses, skirts, jeans, and even shorts to create casual and dressy looks that will keep you comfortable and stylish regardless of your daily activities.


It can also be layered under heavier coats or jackets for extra insulation on colder days.


In addition to being a practical choice for travel outfits, a denim jacket can easily transition from day to night by simply swapping out accessories or layering pieces.


Travelers looking for a versatile wardrobe piece should consider adding a denim jacket to their packing list – it’s sure to become one of your favorite items!

8. Denim Shorts

Shorts are essential for travelers heading to warm or hot climates and great for many outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and kayaking. Not only do shorts keep you cool and comfortable in the heat, but they also provide a much-needed dose of style.


Shorts come in various lengths, from short shorts to mid-length Bermudas. This allows travelers to create different looks with the same pair of shorts throughout their trip – switch out your tops and accessories!


Shorts can also be paired up with a denim jacket.


When paired with the right top and shoes, your favorite shorts can be transformed into a fashionable and chic look no matter what your activities may be.



9. Leggings

travel outfit - best leggings

Leggings provide great flexibility regarding movement; they stretch with your body and hug in all the right places, allowing you to feel comfortable during long flights, flight delays or while navigating crowded airports.


Leggings pair perfectly with oversized tops, giving you a cozy yet fashionable look.


For added warmth while traveling in cooler climates, opt for fleece-lined leggings that keep you warm without adding extra bulk to the rest of your outfit.



10. Cardigan

Cardigans come in various styles, from classic knits to statement pieces like crochet or embellished designs.


This allows travelers to choose the right look for their travel wardrobe without sacrificing comfort or style.


Plus, by incorporating different colors and textures into your travel outfits, you will always have something unique and eye-catching to wear.



11. A Flattering Swimsuit

travel outfit swimwear

A well-fitted swimsuit will make you look and feel great on the beach and double as an outfit for sightseeing during hotter temperatures. I’ve done this a couple of times and felt good!


A flattering swimsuit ensures you always have the option to hit the pool at your hotel or beach.


Plus, it’s easy to pack and won’t take up much room in your suitcase! So don’t forget to add a few flattering swimsuits to your travel packing list!



12. Crossbody Bag / Sling Bags

crossbody bag

Crossbody and sling bags are essential for traveling, as they keep your hands free while providing easy access to your belongings.


Whether sightseeing or running errands, a crossbody or sling bag will allow you to be agile and efficient.


Another great benefit of these bags is the security it provides, especially when it has deep pockets.


Crossbody and sling bags can help protect your valuables from pickpockets in crowded areas.


Make sure to get the best travel sling bag for you.

13. Watch

Wearing a watch while traveling is essential for keeping track of time and staying on schedule. It can help you avoid missing important appointments or transportation connections and make it easier to keep track of travel time in different countries.


Watches can help guide the time of day, especially if you’re jetlagged or crossing multiple time zones.


Since many digital watches feature multiple alarms, they can also be used as reminders for specific tasks throughout your trip, road trip, or fun activities like sunset or sunrise watching.


Many watches also come with additional features such as GPS tracking, which can be reliable if you are lost or need to find an unfamiliar destination.


Considering all these factors, it’s easy to see why wearing a watch while traveling is so important. Not only will they keep you organized and on schedule-they’ll also add that extra bit of style and sophistication to any travel outfit!


14. Sunglass


Sunglasses are essential when traveling, as they can help protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The sun’s rays can be especially intense in areas with little cloud cover or pollution, so wearing sunglasses is a great way to prevent damage.


Not only that, but they also provide extra protection from wind, dust, and debris that may affect your vision during outdoor activities.


Another benefit of wearing sunglasses is improved visibility in bright light conditions. The lenses of high-quality sunglasses can help reduce glare and red eyes and improve clarity when looking at a bright landscape or reflecting surfaces like water.


Sunglasses can also be used to complete a fashionable travel look. With stylish frames and colors available, you can find the perfect pair to match any outfit – casual or dressy – giving you extra confidence while on vacation.

15. Comfortable Sneakers (Preferably White)


I said preferably a comfortable pair of white sneakers because they are easy to style!


You can easily mix and match all the travel pieces mentioned in this post with a white pair of shoes!


However, your clothes and style, your choice! But always remember to wear something you are comfortable wearing.



16. Sandals or Slip on shoes

If you plan on visiting beaches or riverbanks, sandals are also an ideal choice. Plus, the lightweight construction ensures they won’t weigh you down if you plan on doing some intense trekking!


Opt for neutral colors like black or brown for added versatility – they’ll go with almost any outfit!



17. Flip-flops

It’s important to note that flip-flops aren’t just for the beach – they can also be worn for your everyday activities.


Whether running errands in the city or taking a stroll in the park, flip-flops offer the essential comfort and breathability you need for a comfortable experience.



18. A Cap or a Hat


Caps and hats are essential when traveling to hot and sunny places. They protect you from harmful UV rays, keep your head cool, and reduce sweat.


They also shield against skin damage and prevent sunburns, keeping you comfortable and healthy outdoors.



Where To Buy The Best Travel Outfit Pieces

In this part of my post, I thought I’d share with you where I usually find my favorite travel clothes. I’m not one to spend a ton of money on fashion, but I have a soft spot for bags.


So, without further ado, here are my top go-to sources for travel outfit pieces.



Forever 21 is an amazing source of stylish and affordable travel clothing. You can find fashionable pieces from dresses to statement jeans that won’t break the bank.


With prices ranging from as low as $10 up to around $100, your money will go a long way at Forever 21! Plus, with their wide selection of styles and sizes, there’s something for everyone.


So whether you’re looking for chic jumpsuits or layer-able accessories, Forever 21 has it all!


Levi’s is my go-to destination for stylish and durable denim clothing. The American brand is known for crafting quality jeans, jackets, and other apparel built to last.


I love their soft yet durable fabrics, making them great for travel. Plus, they use innovative stretch technology that ensures a perfect fit.


As someone who is always on the go, Levi’s has become my favorite source for long-lasting jeans and denim jackets that will take me day to night. Whether jet-setting across the world or exploring my city, Levi’s provides me with comfortable pieces that won’t wear out easily.


For fashion-forward travelers looking for timeless classics, Levi’s has you covered!


GAP is my go-to destination for comfortable travel pieces. I love their soft, lightweight, and breathable fabrics – perfect for all those long-haul flights! From plain tees to stylish sleeveless shirts, there’s something for everyone at GAP.


I especially adore their denim collection. You can find a variety of fits, washes, and styles that will suit any traveler. Plus, they’re well-made, so you know you’ll get quality items that will last.


So if you’re looking for some great basics that you’ll be wearing on repeat this summer and fall, GAP is the place to go!

Amazon Fashion

Amazon is my go-to destination to shop for travel pieces when I’m in a pinch and need something shipped fast. With their speedy shipping options, I can get the items I need to look and feel stylish while traveling without waiting for them.


I love that Amazon carries an extensive apparel collection from well-known brands like Adidas, Calvin Klein, and Nike. Plus, they have a variety of sizes and styles, so there’s something for everyone.


Their selection also includes essential travel items for any traveler, such as lightweight luggage, RFID-blocking wallets, noise-canceling headphones, and more – all at great prices too!


Amazon’s wide selection of comfort clothing and accessories designed specifically for travelers is the perfect place to find what you need when time is of the essence!



I’m a huge fan of Nike shoes for travel – they are stylish and comfortable and provide the necessary support I need to protect my ankles from sprains.


Nike’s patented technology is designed to give me the best fit possible with increased cushioning and multi-directional flexibility. This means I can move freely while still having the support I need for my joints.


And since they’re made from lightweight materials like mesh and synthetic leather, they won’t weigh you down while traveling!


All in all, Nike shoes are great investments for travelers who want comfort and style while on the go!


I like the basic design of Converse shoes because they provide a classic look that never goes out of style. With its iconic silhouette and range of vibrant color options, I can find a pair to match any outfit I wear.


Plus, their signature canvas material is lightweight and breathable, allowing me to stay cool and comfortable on the go.



Traveling can be tricky when it comes to dressing, but with the right pieces, you’ll feel comfortable and stylish no matter where your travels take you.


From chic jumpsuits to layer-able accessories like denim jackets and shirt dresses, we’ve rounded up 18 must-have travel outfit pieces to make packing easier while creating a versatile wardrobe.


Invest in quality sneakers made from breathable materials and complete your ensemble with functional accessories such as sun hats, caps, sunglasses, or crossbody bags – all of which will help protect you from the elements during your journey!


With these tips in mind, there’s nothing stopping you from looking fashionable on any adventure!

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