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100 Common Flight Attendant Interview Questions

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Are you looking for tips and help on flight attendant interview questions? I break down common questions that recruiters ask during interviews based on my experiences.


After several flight attendant interview attempts in the past, I’ve concluded that all major airlines . They have a common denominator when it comes to screening applicants during interviews.


In this post, I’ll highlight what you need to know to provide great answers to flight attendant interview questions. I also gathered for you some common questions that are currently asked by hiring managers during an interview.

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What Airline Recruiters Are Commonly Looking For In A Good Flight Attendant Candidate and How You Can Show Them That You Have It All

It’s important to know what a flight attendant recruiter or hiring manager is looking for in an applicant. This will significantly help you in constructing your responses to each of their questions.


Before coming in for your job interview, you must learn the general job description. You must align your answers to what they’re looking for, not to be perceived as someone under or over-qualified for the role.


Ways to convince an airline recruiter that you are the perfect candidate for the job:

  • Mention your past work experiences that are relevant to the job

  • Mention multicultural work environment

  • Provide smart answers to common interview questions

  • Impeccable grooming and hygiene

  • Radiate a pleasing personality

Good Customer Service Skills

A flight attendant/cabin crew requires good customer service skills. They are the airline’s brand ambassadors and assist passengers on board the airplane.


Thus, it is important to write in your resume any previous or current job showcasing your customer service background.


Also, you must mention to the hiring manager any previous customer service jobs in the past where you assisted customers. Be as detailed as possible.

Customer Service Common Questions

  • Have you ever had an experience wherein a passenger complained during your shift? What did you do about it?

  • Define good customer service versus superior customer service.

  • What is the most important thing about service?

  • Do you enjoy serving people?

  • How have you helped a customer in the past?

  • Give me an example of when you exceeded a customer’s expectations.

  • Have you ever dealt with a customer making an unrealistic demand?

  • What is excellent customer service?

Excellent Communication Skills

Another requirement for this role is good communication skills.


Listen to the questions carefully and speak in the language you are applying for.


Precisely answer the question. A straightforward question requires a clear, direct answer.

Friendly Personality

A good flight attendant candidate is friendly.


Airlines want passengers to return for business. Having a friendly personality is a must.


A passenger returns for business because of a memorable inflight experience. So, show them that you are!


Be friendly during your interview. Give a firm handshake and break the ice! Use a friendly tone of voice.


Good Decision-Making Skills

Working in a metal tube at 35,000 feet often leads to a situation requiring good decision-making. No one will help you except your colleagues and yourself in an unexpected situation.


There will come a time wherein you have to solve problems on board by yourself, for example:

  • when a passenger becomes extremely sick

  • seating arrangements

  • difficult customer

  • unruly passengers


The ability to provide solutions to problems is what recruiters are looking for during a flight attendant interview. You must show self-sufficiency and good interpersonal skills and prove to them that you can provide the best solution to a problem.

Excellent Teamwork

In a collaborative work environment, flight attendants work with other crew members in a closed metal tube.


Thus, airline recruiters are looking for excellent team players! They are searching for a cooperative flight crew who also respects colleagues from another department.


You must collaborate with other applicants during group activities to show them you are an excellent team player.


Read this blog post, Top Tips For Face-to-face Interview, for more.

Conflict Management Skills

Flight attendants are exposed to a highly stressful environment. They experience unexpected disruptions in flight routines, such as delays, customer complaints, and endless schedule changes.


These stressful situations can lead to mood swings and conflict with co-workers.


A recruiter measures an applicant’s ability to manage conflicts by asking you directly to share any experience where you had a conflict with a co-worker.


In this case, you must answer this question by sharing your actions to resolve the problem. Also, mention the lesson you learned from that experience.


That shows you are reflective and mature enough to deal with this situation.

Staying Calm Under Pressure

As I said earlier, being a flight attendant is a stressful job. Therefore, staying calm under pressure is important too.


A recruiter will test this ability by asking questions like “SHARE AN EXPERIENCE WHERE YOU HAVE TO MULTITASK AT WORK.”


They can also measure your ability to stay calm under pressure during a group activity where applicants will be given to solve a task within a given time frame.


A flight attendant applicant must show that she can remain calm by constantly smiling and consistently maintaining a friendly tone of voice. He or she must not be argumentative.

Broad Understanding of Safety

Providing safety is the primary role of a flight attendant in the aircraft. Therefore, highlighting your skills or experiences providing safety in your previous job matters.


Airline recruiters measure this by asking questions like:



  • Tell me about a time when you dealt with an aggressive customer who may have posed a threat to you. How did you deal with the situation? What procedures did you follow?

  • Do you have anything special that you do to keep yourself safe?

  • Did you have any safety procedures in your past jobs?

Here are more examples of safety questions you might encounter:

Safety Knowledge Questions

Common safety issues that may arise onboard include:

  • emergency landing

  • two passengers arguing

  • disruptive passengers

  • medical emergency

  • uncooperative passengers

Sample Flight Attendant Interview Questions To Assess Your Safety Knowledge

  • Tell us of a recent experience in which you prevented an undesirable consequence.


  • Tell me about a time when you dealt with an aggressive customer who may have posed a threat to you. How did you deal with the situation? What procedures did you follow?

  • Do you have anything special that you do to keep yourself safe?

  • Did you have any safety procedures in your past jobs?

  • How can you keep passengers safe?

More Flight Attendant Interview Questions and Sample Questions

Here are more flight attendant interview questions you may encounter commonly asked by recruiters. Make sure to prepare an answer to each before your interview.

Situational Questions

Interviewers ask Situational Questions to test your ability to solve a problem or situation. Often, they will provide a common scenario encountered by a flight attendant at work and see how you can respond to it effectively.


That is why I always say you must be knowledgeable about the job by simply researching the airline, the posted job description, and the basic pros and cons of being a flight attendant before doing an interview.


Here are some examples of situational questions that you may encounter:

  • What will you do when there’s an emergency situation on board?

  • What will you do if you see a nervous or anxious passenger on your flight?

  • How do you delegate or manage multiple tasks?

  • What will you do if you see two passengers arguing about seating arrangements?

  • How would you handle a passenger who refuses to comply with flight attendant instructions during takeoff and landing?

Behavioral Questions

Behavioral interview questions are questions based on how you acted in a specific situation.

Sample flight attendant interview questions to test your behavior in specific sitautions:

  • Name a time when you had to teach yourself something for your job.

  • What do you do when you have disagreements with others?

  • Name a time when you disagreed with a co-worker. Was there give and take, and how did you reach a solution?

  • Give a time when you worked in a group context, and a team member did not contribute. What did you do? How did the other team members feel?

  • Tell me when your coworkers disagreed with your idea/decision.

  • Have you ever had a conflict with a manager?

  • What would you do if a coworker did something wrong at work?

  • How would you keep enthusiasm at work?

  • How would you show professionalism at work?


    Note: Keep scrolling to learn how to answer behavioral question.

Personality Questions

  • What qualities do you think will make you a great flight attendant?

  • What are your strengths?

  • What are your weaknesses?

  • Tell me about a recent mistake and how you responded to it.

  • How would you show professionalism at work?

Tricky Questions

  • Where would you like to be based?

  • What is the worst feedback you have ever received?

  • What are your hobbies?

  • What was your least favorite job?

  • Do you love landing or takeoff?

  • What is your dream job?

  • What makes you anxious at work?

  • Did you like your first job? Why or Why not?

Personal Questions

  • What is your favorite flight experience so far?

  • What is your favorite destination and why?

  • What are you passionate about?

  • Explain how you see your career 5/10/15 years from now.

  • Where did you spend your last holiday?

  • What is success to you?

  • What preparation will you do when you get hired?

  • What are the challenges that you encountered in your previous job?

Knowledge of the Job Questions

  • What is the importance of a flight attendant on the plane?

  • What are the duties and responsibilities of a flight attendant?

  • What do you think is a difficult situation you may encounter on the aircraft?

  • Describe the role of a flight attendant.

  • What makes you a good cabin crew member?

Other Questions To Expect In a Flight Attendant Interview

  • Are you willing to relocate?

  • What’s your favorite color?

  • What are your favorite subjects in school?

  • Do you speak any language besides English?

  • Do you speak English or Spanish fluently?

  • What is your native language?

  • Do you like flying?

  • Are you willing to work long shifts and long hours of work?

  • Share a memorable experience about your first flight as a passenger.

SARB format, also known as the STAR format

21 Smart Answers To The Most Common Flight Attendant Interview Questions That Works

Here’s a list of the 21 Common Questions And Answers In a Flight Attendant Interview Applicable For All The Airlines In The World.

Sample answer: Before answering this question, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself so you can appreciate my answer. I was born and raised in the Philippines and am a licensed Physical Therapist. Although I love working in the hospital because I love interacting with people, I discovered that I am passionate about aviation. The thought of seeing new places always thrills me. That’s why I shifted from working in the hospital to becoming a flight attendant. I started working as a flight attendant in 2009 with one of the largest airlines in the Philippines.

Now to answer your question, I know your airline is known for its diversity, equity, and inclusion. And as a person who came from the other side of the world, I want to become a part of a company that will treat me equally and makes me feel like part of a family.

Sample answer: I know that being a flight attendant can sometimes be challenging because you are always away from home. I love traveling and learning about other cultures. I also love interacting with people. I started traveling and learning about cultures by doing volunteer work that goes to different places outside of our community. I want to become a flight attendant because, aside from this being my dream job, I want a career where I can do what I love every day so I don’t have to work a day in my life.

Sample answer: I know thousands of applicants want to be flight attendants for your airline. But, you should hire me because, above all, I am a loyal and hardworking individual. I’ve worked with my previous company for a decade and dedicated my time to providing our customers with the best hotel experience. I was a loyalty awardee and became an employee of the year last year. As a result, my previous company also won the best hotel for 2021.

If selected to become a flight attendant for your airline, I’ll do the same and even more, and I will provide the best customer service experience that will make passengers fly with _______ Airlines again and again.

Download the suggested ANSWERS to all the

More Tips & Strategies On How To Give a Brilliant Answer To Flight Attendant Interview Questions

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Pre-plan Your Responses To Interview Questions And Answers

Pre-planning is different from memorizing. To pre-plan an answer, write down a scenario that you think is worthy of mentioning to the recruiter that will highlight your abilities, depending on the question.

Friendly Tone of Voice

Maintain a friendly tone of voice all throughout the interview. Flight attendants are friendly because they interact with different people daily.

Know your selling points

Showcase your selling points. These are your advantage over other applicants because these make you unique and authentic. Make sure you mention it during your discussion.


In my case, my selling point was my medical background and extensive customer service experience. I make sure to mention that just before I answer their first question by quickly introducing myself to the recruiters.

Don't be argumentative!

This is self-explanatory. Always talk politely to everyone in the venue. Acknowledge your co-applicants point of view even if sometimes it doesn’t align with your standpoint. You may acknowledge their views and then follow up with your answers.


This shows that you are open to others’ opinions and are an excellent team player.

STAR Format

STAR format (or SARB format) is the best way to answer behavioral interview questions. It is my proven method why I passed all my flight attendant interviews. STAR stands for Situation – Task – Action – Results. Those are the components of a brilliant answer!


  • S for Situation. Describe the situation where everything happened.
  • T for Task. Describe the task you had to complete to solve the problem/issue.

  • A for Action. Explain what actions you took to complete the aforementioned task.

  • R for Results. Talk about the results of your actions, and try to be as detailed as possible. How did your actions lead the company or organization to function better?

Be Attentive.

Be in the moment! You must listen carefully to the questions and instructions to provide a brilliant answer. Again, a straightforward question requires a straightforward answer!

Mention languages you speak, even at an intermediate level or fluently

Major airlines that fly to international destinations, such as Emirates Airline, Qatar, Etihad, and Saudi Arabian Airlines, need flight attendants who speak other languages besides English. Showcase any language skills by mentioning them to the recruiter.

Ask a family member or a close friend for feedback.

Practice answering questions with the help of a friend or family member. Ask for their feedback and improve from there. You can also practice answering questions in front of a mirror or recording yourself.

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