21 Best Flight Attendant Side Jobs, Side Hustle Ideas

Flight attendants often find themselves with downtime between flights or during layovers. This idle time can prove an excellent opportunity to earn extra money or pursue a passion project. Our list of 20 side hustles for flight attendants explores a variety of flexible and potentially lucrative options. 


These side jobs are tailored to fit the unique lifestyle of a flight attendant, taking into account factors such as erratic schedules, travel benefits, and the necessity for remote work. Explore this list to find a side hustle that aligns with your skills, interests, and availability.


So, what are the best side hustles for full-time flight attendants?

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1. Travel Blogging

If you haven’t started a travel blog yet, now is the best time to start! 


Flight attendants have a unique perspective on travel that can offer readers valuable insights. You encounter different cultures, taste exotic cuisines, and navigate various airports daily. Sharing your experiences, tips, and recommendations through a blog not only allows you to document your journeys but also helps other travelers to make informed decisions. 


Furthermore, with the potential to earn through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and advertisements, travel blogging can be one of the lucrative flight attendant side hustles.


One great example of a flight attendant blog that earns through advertisements is 24hourslayover and mine earns through affiliate marketing in the meantime.

2. Affiliate Marketing

As I said, my blog earns more from affiliate marketing in the meantime. 


If you happen to observe that some of my posts contain links that directly redirect you to a product page which I personally endorse, it’s important to note that when you click on such links and make a purchase, I may earn a commission from that transaction. This is essentially how the concept of affiliate marketing operates, where individuals earn a commission through promoting and generating sales for products or services. 


By leveraging these affiliate links, I am able to support and sustain my content creation efforts.  


However, if you think that blogging is not for you, you may still share your affiliate links through social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, or Facebook.


Here are some platforms where you can earn affiliate commissions through affiliate links:


3. Travel Writing

Travel writing is another avenue that flight attendants can explore to monetize their experiences. Unlike blogging, which is more casual and personal, travel writing is about crafting engaging and informative articles for publications. These can range from travel magazines, websites, and newspapers.


This profession not only allows you to share your unique insights but also enhances your writing skills. It’s an excellent way to earn on the side, as many publications pay their writers for content. 


However, it’s important to remember that good travel writing involves detailed research, a knack for storytelling, and the ability to vividly describe places and experiences.


Aspiring travel writers in the freelance field often leverage platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to market their services, particularly when starting out. These platforms provide a great opportunity for beginners to connect with potential clients and showcase their writing talent.

4. Social Media Influencer

Becoming a social media influencer is a popular avenue for flight attendants due to their unique profession that often involves extensive travel and unique experiences. Through this platform, they can share their exciting stories, travel tips, and personal experiences with a broader audience. 


This not only helps to build an engaged community of followers but can also attract partnerships with brands for sponsored content. However, it’s important to note that building a substantial social media presence requires consistency, creativity, and authenticity. 


Successful influencers often offer fresh and engaging content that resonates with their target audience, helping them to grow their following and establish a strong online presence.


Social media influencers often earn cash through affiliate marketing, paid brand sponsorships, and advertisements.

5. Travel Agent

Travel agencies provide indispensable services to a wide range of clients. As a flight attendant, the first-hand knowledge you gain about different destinations, airlines, and accommodations can be put to excellent use in this role. 


Additionally, you’ll have a unique insight into the travel industry that can help your clients plan their perfect vacation. This not only lets you share your love for travel, but it also offers a rewarding experience as you assist others in making their travel dreams come true. 


Furthermore, travel agents often earn commissions on the trips they book, providing another potential income stream.

6. Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants have become increasingly popular as more businesses and individuals seek flexible and cost-effective assistance. As a flight attendant, the skills you’ve honed managing schedules, organizing resources, and excellent communication skills and customer service abilities could be effectively employed in a virtual assistant role. 


This role could be performed remotely, offering the flexibility to balance it alongside your duties as a flight attendant. Virtual assistants often earn a stable income per project or on an hourly basis, making this an attractive option for those seeking additional income.


Virtual assistants can start selling their gigs through Fiverr & Upwork to kickstart their journey! It’s a great way to showcase your skills and get your name out there in the beginning. 

7. App Jobs

In the digital age, app-based jobs provide flexible ways to generate additional income. These roles typically have minimal entry requirements and offer the convenience of working on your own schedule.


For example, driving for Uber allows you to earn money by providing transportation services in your spare time. You can decide when and where to work, making it an excellent option for flight attendants on their reserve days or off days. 


Similarly, delivering DoorDash enables you to earn money by transporting food orders from restaurants to customers. This can be a great way to explore new cities while also making money. Both of these app jobs also offer the potential for earning tips, increasing your overall income potential.


This flexibility and convenience make app jobs an attractive option for those seeking additional income streams especially while working as reserve flight attendants at their home base.

8. Instacart Shopper

If you’re a fan of shopping, becoming an Instacart Shopper could be a good option for you! This role entails shopping for and delivering groceries to customers who place orders through the Instacart app. With the ability to choose your own hours, it’s a flexible job that can easily fit into a flight attendant’s unpredictable schedule. 


Plus, the more orders you fulfill, the more you earn, giving you control over your supplementary income. You’ll also get to explore various grocery stores and sections, which can be an enjoyable experience if you love shopping. 


It’s another great way to earn money while doing something you already enjoy. Just remember to follow all health and safety protocols while shopping and delivering orders.

9. Earn Cash By Answering Surveys

Filling out online surveys can be a simple and fast way to generate extra income. Companies value consumer feedback and are willing to compensate individuals for their time and opinions. 


Websites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Inbox Dollars offer a wide array of surveys on various topics and pay cash, gift cards, or reward points that can be redeemed for various goods and services. Signing up for these platforms is typically free and straightforward, usually requiring only basic information like your email address. 


By dedicating a few work hours each day, you can accumulate good money over time, making this an ideal side income source for flight attendants looking for flexible, non-location-dependent ways to earn extra money. One of the best ways to spend your layover making cash is in your hotel room. 

10. Earn Cash While Playing BINGO

Playing BINGO is not only a fun pastime, but it’s also an exciting way to earn some extra cash! Online platforms like Bingo Mania, Pogo, and Cash Cabin offer real money bingo games that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home or during your downtime.


Simply sign up, deposit a small amount, and let the winning begin! Plus, these platforms often provide bonuses and rewards for new players, so the more you play, the better your chances of winning big. With different payouts and games to choose from, ranging from a few dollars to several thousand, it’s important to play responsibly and remember that it’s all about having fun!

11. Real Estate

Investing in real estate can be a great side hustle. Real estate properties tend to appreciate over time, offering a significant return on investment. Additionally, renting out properties can provide a steady stream of passive income. It’s also worth noting that real estate investments can act as a hedge against inflation, maintaining their value and purchasing power even during economic downturns.


However, it’s essential to conduct thorough market research and consider factors like location, property condition, and market trends before diving into real estate investment. It’s also advisable to seek professional advice or a training program if you’re new to the field.

12. Sell Life Insurance

Selling life insurance is another promising side gig. It involves helping individuals understand and purchase policies that offer financial security for their families in the event of untimely death or illness. This field not only provides a commission-based earning potential but also a sense of satisfaction in knowing that you’re helping secure the future of families.


Furthermore, the flexible schedule and ability to work from anywhere make this a suitable option for those seeking to balance their primary job with a secondary income stream. However, before embarking on this path, it’s necessary to acquire the relevant licensing and have a good understanding of the insurance industry.

13. Amazon Mturk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, often referred to as MTurk, is a noteworthy platform for earning side income. MTurk is a crowdsourcing marketplace that connects businesses and developers to people who can perform micro-tasks that computers are currently unable to do.


It’s an excellent way to generate income on your own schedule, as the tasks are typically short and can be completed at your convenience. The tasks range from data validation and research to more complex tasks like content moderation and survey participation.


However, it’s important to note that the pay for these tasks can be relatively low, so one must be patient and diligent to accumulate substantial earnings.

14. Online English Teacher

Teaching English online is a highly lucrative and flexible side job that can be pursued from the comfort of your home. There is an increasing demand for English teachers in non-native English-speaking countries, making it a great option for a second job.


This job not only allows you to earn extra cash but also offers an opportunity to broaden your cultural horizon as you interact with students from around the globe. Furthermore, most online teaching platforms provide materials and lesson plans, easing the pressure to develop your own.


However, some organizations may require teaching credentials or a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification. Therefore, it’s vital to check the prerequisites before stepping into this field.

15. Sell Digital Products

Selling digital products online is a highly profitable and flexible way to earn extra income. This can include a wide range of items such as eBooks, digital art, music, software, or even online courses. The beauty of selling digital products lies in the fact that it involves creating the product once and selling it repeatedly, offering a potential for passive income.


Furthermore, there’s no need to manage physical inventory or worry about shipping logistics. You only need a solid online presence, a reliable platform to sell your products, and a targeted marketing strategy to reach potential customers. It’s crucial to understand your audience’s needs and create a product that provides value to them.


While it may require effort and time initially, the potential returns make it a worthwhile endeavor.

16. Graphic Designer

The field of graphic design offers numerous opportunities for earning additional income. This is primarily due to the escalating demand for visually appealing and compelling designs in various sectors, such as marketing, advertising, website development, and social media. High-quality graphics play a crucial role in enhancing brand identity, conveying messages effectively, and engaging audiences.


Therefore, if you possess creative skills and a good understanding of design software, you can offer freelance services as a graphic designer. You can create logos, infographics, website designs, social media posts, and much more for businesses seeking to improve their visual presence.


It’s essential to build a robust portfolio showcasing your work, as this can significantly influence potential clients’ decisions.

17. Sell Your Travel Photos Online

If you have a passion for photography and love to travel, selling your travel photos online is an excellent way to monetize your hobby.


You might question, “Why should I sell my travel photos online?” The reason is simple. In the digital age, there’s a high demand for unique and high-quality images by businesses, travel agencies, bloggers, and even stock photo websites.


These photos can be used for advertising, digital marketing, or content enhancement. Not only does this provide an avenue for passive income, but it also allows your work to reach a global audience, thus expanding your recognition and establishing your brand in the photography industry. 

18. Sell Handmade Products

Selling handmade products holds a unique charm in the current marketplace, where consumers increasingly appreciate the personal touch, craftsmanship, and authenticity associated with these items. Whether you’re skilled at creating pottery, jewelry, knit goods, or even soap, there’s a global market out there eager for your handmade creations. 


Platforms like Etsy provide an ideal starting point for selling handmade products online. Etsy’s focus on handmade and vintage items sets it apart from other online selling platforms and attracts a specific audience that values and seeks out the unique, personal, and creative nature of handmade goods. 


Setting up a shop on Etsy is relatively straightforward, and it connects you with customers from around the world, allowing you to turn your crafting passion into a profitable venture.

19. Personal Shopper

In the world of fashion and retail, becoming a personal shopper can be an exciting and rewarding career choice. Here are a few scenarios on how to launch your journey:

  1. Start with Retail Experience: One way to become a personal shopper is by gaining experience in the retail industry. By working in retail, you can gain an understanding of customer service, product knowledge, and current fashion trends. You can then leverage this experience to transition into a personal shopper role, either within the same retail company or on a freelance basis.
  2. Fashion Training and Education: Another path is by pursuing education in fashion, design, or a related field. This formal training can provide an in-depth understanding of color theory, body types, and style epochs, which can be extremely useful in curating outfits for clients.
  3. Online Personal Shopper: With the rise of e-commerce, becoming an online personal shopper is now a viable option. This role involves curating personalized shopping experiences for clients remotely, often for online retailers or through your own website.
  4. Luxury Personal Shopper: If you have an affinity for luxury brands and high-end fashion, you can aim to become a personal shopper for high-net-worth individuals. This often requires building a strong network and providing exceptional service to secure and maintain this exclusive clientele.

Remember, as a personal shopper, your main goal is to create a personalized and enjoyable shopping experience for your clients, helping them choose items that fit their style, needs, and budget.

20. Tour Guide

A flight attendant possesses a unique set of skills and experiences that make transitioning into a part-time tour guide role quite natural. Flight attendants are accustomed to dealing with a diverse group of people and managing challenging situations—skills that are highly transferable to the role of a tour guide. 


To make the transition, a flight attendant could start by identifying the type of tours they would like to lead. For instance, they could choose to specialize in tours of their home city, cultural tours, nature tours, or historical tours. Next, they should familiarize themselves with the relevant facts and information about the locations they’ll be guiding in. This could involve doing research or even taking guided tours themselves to learn from experienced guides. 


Additionally, flight attendants may wish to take a tour guide course or certification program to boost their knowledge and credentials. These programs often cover topics like history, storytelling techniques, and group management strategies. 


Finally, networking can be key to finding opportunities as a tour guide. Flight attendants can use their connections with people they meet through their jobs to find potential tour clients. They might also need to create a website or join a tour platform to advertise their services.


Ultimately, with the right preparation and mindset, flight attendants can leverage their unique skills to create memorable and informative experiences for tour-goers on their days off. A perfect way to share their travel experiences!

21. Pet Sitting

Another rewarding pursuit for flight attendants on their off days could be pet sitting. People who travel frequently often need someone reliable to care for their pets, making flight attendants a perfect fit for this role due to their understanding of travel schedules and commitments. 


To get started, a flight attendant could begin by gaining experience in pet care. This could involve taking care of a friend’s or family member’s pet or volunteering at a local animal shelter. It’s essential to understand different animal behaviors, breeds, and their specific needs. 


In addition to practical experience, there are online courses and certifications in pet care that can boost credibility. Courses could cover topics like animal health, pet safety, and pet behavior. 


Once equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, a flight attendant could then advertise their pet-sitting services. This could be done through word-of-mouth, local community boards, or online platforms dedicated to pet services.


Building a strong reputation as a responsible, caring pet sitter can lead to more opportunities and a satisfying part-time job that complements their role as flight attendants.


Can I work as a part time flight attendant?

Yes, it is possible to have a part time job while working as a flight attendant in the United States. However, it’s important to note that there isn’t technically a “part-time” designation for flight attendants. 


The work schedule for flight attendants can often be variable and unpredictable, making flexibility key for any secondary employment. It’s essential to consider the demands and commitment of your role as a flight attendant when considering supplementing it with another job.

Let's Wrap It Up!

In conclusion, flight attendants have an array of rewarding opportunities to leverage their unique skill set during their off days. Whether it’s sharing their love for travel and local culture as tour guides or filling in the need for reliable pet care in their community as pet sitters, there are multiple avenues to explore. These roles not only offer financial benefits but also provide a sense of fulfillment and allow flight attendants to utilize their understanding of travel schedules and commitments effectively. 


By investing time in gaining experience, seeking relevant training, and marketing their services strategically, flight attendants can create a satisfying part-time job that complements their primary role perfectly.

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