How To Become a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant (2024)

Welcome, future Southwest Airlines flight attendants!


We’re thrilled you’ve set your sights on the ‘LUV’ airline. Southwest is renowned for its fun-loving, dedicated staff, ready to provide the best customer service while soaring through the skies.


Embarking on the journey to becoming a flight attendant is admittedly challenging, but the payoff is immensely rewarding. Pack your bags, fasten your seat belts, and prepare for a career that takes you to new heights – literally!


Tune in as we guide you through the process of getting your wings with Southwest Airlines. Let’s take off together on this exciting adventure!

southwest airlines flight attendant getting ready for a flight

Why Work For Southwest Airlines

Employee-Centric Culture

Southwest Airlines prides itself on its vibrant, inclusive culture. The company upholds a ‘People First’ ethos, treating its employees as family and placing a high value on their happiness and job satisfaction.

Unbeatable Benefits

Southwest offers a comprehensive benefits package. This includes exceptional healthcare coverage, a competitive 401(k) plan, profit-sharing, and, of course, free flight privileges!

Career Growth Opportunities

There’s plenty of room for career advancement at Southwest. The company encourages and supports ongoing professional development, providing opportunities for you to climb the career ladder.

Award-Winning Customer Service

Working for an airline renowned for its top-notch customer service allows you to be part of a team that genuinely prioritizes passengers’ needs and comfort.

Emphasis on Fun

Southwest is famous for its fun and friendly work environment. As a Southwest flight attendant, you’ll be encouraged to showcase your personality, making every flight a unique and enjoyable experience for all on board.

southwest airlines flight attendant getting ready for a flight

What are the minimum requirements to become Southwest Airlines Flight attendants?

General Requirements

  • You need to be at least 20 years old when applying – it’s important!

  • You must have the legal right to work in the United States as defined by the Immigration Reform Act of 1986. We’ve got your back!

  • You need to have a valid, unexpired passport. Ready for adventure!

  • Keep your appearance well-groomed according to our Company’s appearance standards.


  • High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent education.

  • Having college coursework or a degree would be a valuable asset!

Physical Abilities and Flight Attendant Role

  • Maintain a weight that complements your height, ensuring a polished appearance and unhindered physical capability to perform all job functions.

  • Walk confidently and comfortably down the aircraft aisle, effortlessly fit through the overwing window exit, and seamlessly fasten the jumpseat harness without any adjustments, including closure without a seatbelt extension.

  • Show the strength to lift items up to 50 pounds from the floor to shoulder level as needed.

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Application Process

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Application Process

While the application process can vary, the following steps are commonly involved in Southwest Airlines’ interview process for aspiring flight attendants:

Online Application

Start your journey by submitting a flight attendant resume during the open application window on the Southwest Airlines career portal. Be sure to provide all necessary details – your personal information, job experiences, and educational background.

Phone Interview

If your application catches the eye of recruiters, they may conduct an initial phone interview to gauge your interest and basic qualifications. During this interview, they will ask you questions to assess your skills and experience relevant to the position.


They might also provide more details about the company and the role you have applied for. This phone interview serves as an opportunity for both parties to determine if there is a potential fit and to gather more information before proceeding to the next steps of the hiring process.

Video Interview

After a successful phone interview, you may have the opportunity to take part in a video interview. This is an exciting chance for you to truly exhibit your unique personality and exceptional communication skills, allowing the interviewer to get a deeper understanding of your qualifications and suitability for the role.


Embrace this opportunity to confidently present yourself and leave a lasting impression!

Face-to-Face Interview

The final hurdle in the application process is a face-to-face interview, typically conducted at a Southwest Airlines location. This crucial step provides you with a golden opportunity to truly showcase your unique qualities and strengths.


Let your charisma radiate as you passionately express your dedication to exceptional customer service and unwavering enthusiasm for the airline industry.


Remember, every step of this journey presents a chance to demonstrate your suitability for the role and to convey your deep desire to become an integral part of the Southwest Airlines family.

Resources and downloads:

Physical Performance Standards Test

This involves the capability to perform essential physical tasks, such as the arm’s reach test, where individuals need to demonstrate their ability to reach a certain height, secure themselves in the jumpseat by fastening the seatbelt and adjusting the safety harness, and confidently navigate through the aisle while being aware of the surroundings and potential obstacles.

Possible Interview Questions

Southwest Airlines highly values its unique corporate culture, which is the cornerstone of its success. Their core values include:

  • Putting People First: They believe in treating others with the same respect they expect. Employee and customer well-being is paramount.

  • Acting with Integrity: Southwest upholds honesty, trust, and transparency in their work environment.

  • Striving for Excellence: They are dedicated to delivering high-quality customer service with friendliness and a positive attitude.

  • Being a Good Steward: Southwest is committed to the community and environment, acting responsibly.

  • Embracing the Southwest Spirit: This refers to their infectious combination of passion, perseverance, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Interview questions at Southwest Airlines focus on these values, teamwork, and dedication to customer service.


  1. How have you demonstrated empathy and patience in a customer service scenario?

  2. Can you provide an example of when you had to make a tough decision that required integrity and honesty?

  3. How have you dealt with a difficult customer and turned their experience around?

  4. In what ways have you brought fun or positivity to your previous workplaces?

  5. Can you share an example of when you’ve made a positive impact on your community or environment?

  6. How do you handle work-related stress or unexpected situations? Can you provide an example?

Remember, Southwest seeks employees who embody their values and can bring the ‘Southwest Spirit’ to their team. Demonstrate this in your responses, and you will surely impress your interviewers!

100 Common Flight Attendant Interview Questions

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Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Training

Southwest Airlines provides an extensive training program for their new flight attendants, ensuring they are prepared for any situation and can deliver excellent customer service.


The training is conducted at the Southwest Airlines Training Center, located in Dallas, Texas. As a trainee, you will be immersed in an intensive 4-week program that covers all necessary areas such as safety regulations, customer service expectations, and Southwest’s specific operational procedures.


This period includes both classroom and practical activities, giving you the opportunity to apply your knowledge in simulated real-world scenarios. During this time, you’ll not only learn about the technical aspects of being a flight attendant, but you’ll also learn to embody the ‘Southwest Spirit,’ a fundamental part of the company’s identity.

southwest airlines flight attendant uniform

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Uniform

Southwest Airlines is known for its unique and vibrant flight attendant uniforms. Reflecting the airline’s fun and friendly spirit, the uniforms are designed with both style and function in mind.


The modern and chic design is a blend of Southwest’s brand colors – blue, red, and yellow, along with stripes and color-blocking elements. This eye-catching color palette ensures flight attendants are easily distinguishable and accessible to passengers.

Flight Attendant Bases For Southwest

Base locations of Southwest

Southwest Airlines offers a variety of base locations across the United States for its flight attendants, providing flexibility and convenience. The airline boasts over 10 crew bases strategically located in major cities such as Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Oakland, Orlando, and Phoenix.


As a Southwest flight attendant, you are given the freedom to select your preferred base location, subject to availability and company requirements. This extensive network enables the airline to maintain seamless operations while granting its employees the opportunity to explore different parts of the nation.


How much does a Southwest Flight Attendant make?

Southwest Airlines flight attendants can expect to earn an average base pay of approximately $59K-110K per year. However, this figure can greatly vary depending on the number of flights flown each month, as flight attendants are typically compensated based on flight hours. Given the flexibility of the schedule, those who fly more frequently have the potential to significantly increase their earnings.

What is an open application window?

An open application window is a specific time period during which Southwest Airlines accepts applications for the position of Flight Attendant. This is not a continuous process and the airline only opens the window when they have vacancies to fill. The exact dates of the application window are announced on the company’s career portal and can vary widely from one period to the next.

What should I wear on a Southwest Airlines flight attendant interview?

When invited for a Southwest Airlines flight attendant interview, your attire should project professionalism and understanding of the company’s culture.


Read this post to help you pick the right flight attendant interview outfit.

Is any interview prep recommended?

Absolutely! Preparation is key to success when interviewing for a position as a flight attendant with Southwest Airlines. Research the company’s core values, mission, and current affairs. Practice common interview questions and think about how your own experiences and skills align with the demands of the role.

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