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Fiore G., USA

Jezee is a great flight attendant and interview coach. Through her extensive experience, I was able to understand the hiring process I was going through and she really made me feel comfortable that I can make it through. She was very supportive and available for all the questions I had!
BTW, I got the job!

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WingsPro Testimonial

CJO RECEIVED! Thank you so much for all the help, tips, advices and coaching, Jezee Guico! I appreciate the time, effort and input that you have given me. It’s my first time to apply in a legacy carrier and I received an offer from them. I guess I’ll see you in the world’s largest airline!


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I'm sincerely grateful for the advice, inspiration and motivation ur giving to us to achieve our future goals, Jezee.Thanks so much for your time.God bless the work of your hands, journeys, flights u board and everything u do.l love you .God be with you.l pray l also succeed in the near future.
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Esther E.
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Wingspro Jez
Couldn't have done it without your help!
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Sheina B.